Award Winning Support

TactiCom Support Groups

TactiCom's Outstanding Support:

  • We offer 24x7 phone, chat, text and e-mail support.
  • Only one tier of support and that's level 1, highest priority, with our most qualified staff helping you.
  • You will never have to speak to more than two TactiCom employees to resolve your issues.
  • On average over 95% of all calls are answered by a live engineer or project manager.
  • We have advanced support tools, including the ability to view and control your systems remotely.
  • All of our support personnel have a minimum of a four year college degree in their specialty.

Our highest company priority is providing our customers with highly responsive, quality support. We at TactiCom measure and grade our support by Problem Resolution Time. This the time from when our customer first contacts us about an issue, to when the issue is resolved.

Our average problem resolution time, for programming and database changes is less than 30 minutes, for all services related issues it's less than 10 minutes and on average phone calls are returned in less than 10 minutes. We take pride in our level of customer service, which we believe is responsible for our high rate of client retention.

Our goal from when our company was founded was to be the best support company on the planet.
Many of our customers tell us we have achieved this goal!